Sunday, June 2, 2019

Supreme Court OKs Retaliatory Arrests For Engaging In Protected Speech

The Supreme Court has declared it's cool with cops engaging in retaliatory arrests… just as long as they have the probable cause to do so. Given the thousands of obscure laws we've been cursed with by legislators, most law enforcement officers will be able to find someway to shut up someone by putting them in cuffs. (Whatever they're wrong about can be salvaged by the good faith exception.)

In this case, plaintiff Russell Bartlett was arrested after not talking to police and telling other winter festival attendees to not talk to the police. The officer who arrested Bartlett claimed Bartlett was drunk and disorderly, hence the supposedly-justified arrest. Here's the background, as summarized in the Supreme Court's opinion [PDF]

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Law Student Makes Astute Points About Law School Before Just Going All Racist

In a now-deleted Reddit post in the law school subreddit, a soon-to-graduate Rutgers Law School student offers some advice for aspiring law students about the problems with the school. To the poster's credit, there are some good points in here that law students should take into account during the law school selection process. Then… things get all weird and racist.

The post was titled "AVOID Rutgers Law School at all costs. Extremely bad employment prospects." This isn't really true — at least compared to a lot of options out there.

That's not how this poster sees it:

Rutgers Law Student class of 2019 here to say that if you want to be employed when graduating (unlike 80%+ of our graduating class currently), or if you want to find employment beyond the 1 year state clerkship experience, avoid our school at all costs.

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